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Short clip showing what is happening during the exposure, as well as some of the resulting shots that were captured.

All natural Products needed: Extra virgin olive oil Water Container Makeup remover pads.

For more skin beauty help try one of these:

Living in Slab City, it is really hard not for one’s skin not to be affected by the sun…even with sun screen. Wearing Sun screen in this humid weather is also difficult. Thus, Slabbers are pretty brown. It is interesting in this video that others in the world do not view a tan as something desireable.

How about making your own skin whitening cream?

Here are some other products that could be beneficial for desert skin.

Benyapha Chooligorn #5507640364 Phassaphoo Apissirirat #5507640471 Watcharakorn Asavavuthivekin #5507640729 Kraijan Suwansanya #5507640117 Patcharapa Rerkcha…

The Emmy and Webby nominated webisode of Green Dean. Hosted by Deal Hill. Created by Dean Hill and Chip Warren. Shot, directed, and edited by Ian Nixon.

It is always good to view how others around the world get water, particularly harvesting rainwater.

Published on Jun 19, 2013
This thing happen so fast in the film its so fast no one would never know this was around, I (saw) it in the film like a scratch,but i am digital,so really there are 3 that come together, all happen so fast,,,my videos are not fake i can tell you what only the camera grasp and we can see.

ROSALIE DEIGHTON Turn down the light filmed by Hannah Lovell -sound recording Paul and Anne Davison November 2012 Christ Church Chorleywood Concert to raise money for rainwater collection….


Girls living in Slab City HOT desert, gotta have this!

LOUIS TURPIN, ROGER HUBBARD, Tell Your Sister – filmed by Hannah Lovell November 2012 Christ Church Chorleywood Concert to raise money for Richard Field to Facilitate rainwater harvesting in Uganda.


Biodiesel Factory

Off the Grid living – the cheap way Part 1 – Biodiesel Factory and self sufficiant growing.